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 By the year 2048

the ocean will completely run

out of seafood 


how we're making waves


scientists predict that our oceans will be devoid of any of the fish we consume commercially. This will have devastating effects on the entire marine ecosystem and on our planet. 


We've come up with innovative fish and seafood alternatives made entirely from organic plant-based ingredients free from additives and preservatives.

Our goal,

is to moderate seafood consumption, which will give our oceans a chance to heal. Shifting to plant based alternatives is just one of the ways we can save the ocean by 2048.

why we're hooked on plants


Our products are made entirely from plants with no animal byproducts. 


The ocean is running out of fish, choosing a plant-based alternative will give the ocean a chance to recover.

vitamin Rich

by2048 plant-based salmon is made of carrots which are high in Vitamins A, K1, B6 and other vitamins and minerals.

Never farmed

Much of the fish that we eat comes from fish farms, not caught in the wild.


Our products are all made with high quality certified organic ingredients.

no Antibiotics

Farmed fish are often treated with chemicals and antibiotics that can leach into the ocean.


Mercury accumulates in the muscles of fish and can be harmful in high quantities.

No microplastics

Small plastic particles from the trash in the oceans are absorbed by the fish we eat.

 by2048 poke 

fish are friends


Each quarter, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a worthy charity working towards ocean conservation.

This past quarter, we donated to Ocean Conservancy, a charity dedicated to creating "science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it". They are dedicated to cleaning up the ocean, protecting endangered species, and combatting offshore drilling.

Have a charity you want to recommend? 


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coming soon

by2048 lox

A plant-based smoked "salmon" alternative with all the texture and flavour of the real thing, perfect for sandwiches, salads, wraps and anywhere else you would use smoked salmon.

by2048 poke

A plant-based "salmon" poke alternative, deliciously marinated , and ready to add to poke bowls, sushi, salads, and anywhere else you would use "salmon" sashimi.

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